A 3-part series, uncovering the TUMI | McLaren collaboration at 3x F1 Grand Prix races across the globe.
- Full pitch creative lead, from ideation, copywriting,  design, and presentation to client.
- Styling direction, Art direction. 
- Storyboarding & Location scouting.
- Talent scouting & selection. Production team alignment.
- Design of campaign F1 helmet + race suit.
- On-set creative direction.
- Photo + video direction, photo editing, social + article formatting/rollout.

Ft. Lando Norris, .idk, Carrie Wong,
Melvin IsraelStefan Khoo
Noah Sahady, Autre Fish

TUMI approached us to define and capture the essence of new luxury in travel, aligning the longstanding quality in craft which TUMI upholds with the cultural consumer's rapidly evolving lifestyle affinities.

Ushering in a new age of luxury storytelling through travel, we paired TUMI’s industry leading craft & materiality with McLaren’s advanced technology, championing a new age of luxury experiences, while leveraging McLaren's roots in the emerging sport of F1 to structure our campaign from a global perspective.

-- Connecting with rising, explorative cultural talent to own our messaging and expanding the cultural conversation through high level storytelling to exalts the brand in culture with a content approach replicable globally. 
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